About Us

Romick’s Bee Farm was founded in June 2018. We started with two nucs, or nucleus colonies of honey bees. A nuc is a five-frame starter colony that includes a mated queen, worker bees, drones and brood. There is also some honey and pollen included on one or more of the frames.

One of our starter nucs.

Our honey bees are a hybrid of two races, Italian and Carniolan. Italian bees originated in Italy and are probably the most popular race of honey bees. They are usually gentle and yellow in color. Carniolan bees are from the Alps of Austria, Yugoslavia and the Danube valley. They too are gentle and they are gray to brown in color.

Romick’s Bee Farm honey is 100% pure, organic, single source honey. Our honey bees gather nectar and pollen from a wide variety of plants native to Coweta County, Georgia. We also plant buckwheat when there are few other plants in bloom to make sure our honey bees have plenty of nectar to get through the winter.

In the winter we do feed the bees sugar syrup and fondant so that they have plenty to eat, but we never have honey supers (boxes of frames specifically for honey to be harvested) on the hives at these times.

A deep frame full of capped honey

Unfortunately honey from the supermarket is often not pure honey. If the label reads “product of” a foreign nation or a combination of countries it most certainly isn’t single source. And foreign honey exporters are notorious for adding other ingredients to their honey, like corn syrup or other sweeteners, to stretch their harvest.

We pull our honey straight out of our hives, strain out the wax and bottle it. So you’re assured pure, 100% honey from our hives in Coweta County, Georgia.